Audio Bay

Pro Tools HD3 Accel (Loaded with Plugins)
Waves, Bomb Factory, Antares, WM, etc.
2 Digidesign 192 -  24 bit AD/DA Converters
Full Line of Professional Audio Microphones (Shure, AKG, Neuman U87ai, Manley,
Senhieser, etc.)  
Vintage Tube/Solid State Pre amps 
Manley Vox Box 
2 Avalon 737sp's 
2 API 550 EQ's
2 API 525 Compressors
1 API 3124+ Mic Pre's
Neuman True Precision 8
Focusrite Tone Factory 
Bellari RP 533 and 520 
Manley Vari Mu Limiter/Compressor
Tascam MSR-16 (16 Track 1" Analog Tape) 
Tascam 22-2 (1/2" Mastering 2 Track) 
4 Alesis 24 Bit ADATs 
Power Mac Pro 24 16 Core
NS-20 External Tape Drive  
Sony R-300 DAT Recorder
Denon DN60CF Digital CD Player
Complete line of Outboard Analog Processing Equipment Including: Effects processors, Gates, Filters, EQ, Mulitband Compression etc

Allen & Heath GL2800 Mixing Board
2 Neumann Precision 8 Mic Pres
24 Channel passive transformer cable splitter
ADAT bridge for digital transfer from ADAT


Unlimited RecordingTracks
2 Isolation Booths
2 Recording Rooms
Fully Integrated Monitoring System ( Fostex T-20 Headphones)
Studio Monitors:
2 Mackie HR8 24s
4 Tannoy - Reveals
4 Mirage M-490s
CD/DVD  Burning (Enhanced CD's/DVDA's authoring available)        
Full MIDI/Sequencing capabilities via. Pro Tools 
Roland VX-5080 128-Voice Expandable Sound Module
Roland Juno D-60
Studiologic SL-880 MIDI Controller
Alesis XR-16 Drum Machine
FM Stereo Transmitter