Audio Bay

Weekday Rate:
  $60 per hour  -  {Includes all of the studio's resources and head engineer.}

Weekend Rate:  $80 per hour {Includes all of the studio's resources and head engineer.}

On-Location Recording:  $100 per hour

Commercial Jingle Production: 
{email for Quote}

Blocks of studio time are purchased in advance and used at any time, in any increment:

10 Hours
20 Hours

The Audio Bay is a full service professional audio recording studio.  Since opening in December 1999 we have endeavored to produce the very highest quality recordings utilizing the latest in digital audio advancements.  Through experience, engineering techniques, post production, and the knowledge of acoustic design,  we tailor a sound best suited for our clients needs. 

The majority of our recording is done with Pro Tools HD3 Accel, the industry leader in audio recording.  Our system offers unlimited tracks to record to and 24 simultaneous recording tracks.

Our microphones consist of both classics and newer models.  We have spared no expense in acquiring the very best professional microphone collection and tube driven mic pre-amps (Avalon, Manley, Focusrite) for a warm, clean sound.  Our control rooms are isolated and acoustically sound for maximum post-production control.

Please contact us with any questions:

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