Audio Bay

The Audio Bay
Head Engineer - Andrew Mitchell
Recording, Mixing Mastering Engineer
University of Denver - Bachelor of Arts
Age: 41
Experience: Owner of The Audio Bay since 1999. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and or produced over one hundred full length albums to date including hundreds of studio demos & singles and EPs.

Professional Credits:

2010 Grammy Nominated Album -
The Conklin Caeli Band's Mick Lane recorded the song "Hallelujia, Im a Bum" at the Audio Bay for the fundraising tribute album to the late Utah Phillips. The album has been nomiated for a 2010 Grammy for best folk album.
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Blake Carter - records, produces and/or mixed much of his material at the Audio Bay. His credits include numerous production tracks for Rob Thomas (Including the hit single "Someday,") Nelly, Ashanti, Murphy Lee, Sean Paul, and more.  Much of his own material is and has been in regular rotation on clear channel stations. Blake is currently signed to EMBLEM Publishing.

Marvin Sapp -
3 songs including the hit
single "Be Exalted" was recorded at the
Audio Bay and is currently in stores selling nearly 500,000 units to date.

Theressa Ruppert Recorded her debut
album "Dance of Life" at the Audio Bay in 2004, mixed and mastered by Andrew. Song and Film placed "Baby Love Me" from the album in the TV Pilot, Lose Yourself directed by Neal Israel and written by Johanna Cross, not to mention her album placed her as a finalist on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005.

George Moss recorded much of his album with us including the hit song "Whoa" which remained #1 on the Christian Hip Hop chart
for 3 consecutive weeks in 07'.

The 2005 hit movie "Beauty Shop"
featured Kisya's debut single recorded,
mixed & Mastered at the Audio Bay.
Her song was written by Jamie Jones,
Jason Pennock & Jeffrey Valantine

The following bands and artists, to
name a few, were recorded, mixed
and/or mastered at the Audio Bay by Andrew Mitchell:

-Broken Sunday, Grand Rapids, MI
-Mars Hill, Grandville, MI
-Common Shiner, Chicago, IL
-Sweet Japonic, Grand Rapids, MI
-Al & The Black Cats, Lowell, MI
-Fled Five, Grad Rapids, MI
-The Vigilantes, Grand Rapids, MI
-Joyride, Grand Rapids, MI
-Elevendy, Ann Arbor, MI
-Conklin Ceili Band, Rockford, MI
-C.U.D.D., Flint, MI
-George Moss, Grand Rapids, MI
-Quiet Wiser, Ada, MI
-Johnathon B, Greenville, MI
-Gordon Thayer Band, Grand Rapids, MI
-Jacob Clyde, Grand Rapids, MI
-The Guiness Brothers, Harvard, MI
-Bruce Ling, Lowell, MI
-Carol Johnson, Grand Rapids, MI
-Pete Weatherhead, Grand Rapids, MI
-Torrey Carter, Grand Rapids, MI
-The Offbeats, Grand Rapids, MI
-Dendura, Grand Rapids, MI
-Sleeper Cell, Grand Rapids, MI
-Sid Swift, Grand Rapids, MI
-Ginger Fig, Grand Rapids, MI
-Domino, Spring Lake, MI
-Bastian Lyvek, Grand Rapids, MI
-Geno Meldrum, Muskegon, MI


The head engineer, Andrew Mitchell, holds a Degree in Audio Engineering from the University of Denver and has over 12 years of professional sound engineering experience.  His passion for music production and engineering has helped him become a sought after expert. 


"All I can say is wow - great job!  The record sounds big, clear and expensive...hope we can continue to work together in the future... and again, great job on the recording!"

Drew Layvne

A.L.L. Digital
New York, NY
(Drew's credits include: Dave Matthews. Sting. Moby. Foo Fighters. Prince. Aretha Franklin. NSYNC. Santana. The Red Hot Chill Peppers. Natalie IImbruglia)

"If you're recording anywhere near Michigan, definitely contact Andrew Mitchell at the Audio Bay.  He gets a warm, clean sound that is ready for any radio market.  It's a pleasure to work on the albums he records."

David Torrey

DRT Mastering
St. Peterborough, NH

"Ive worked with dozens of Indy labels and hands down your sound is bigger, cleaner and more professional than the other guy. Great job on the production, I love your attention to detail and look forward to working with you in the future."

Andy Pleune

Stumptown Mastering -Portland, OR

Artists Continued:

-Ken Love, Grand Rapids, MI
-Greg Peacock, Grand Rapids, MI
-Charles Laster, Kalamazoo, MI
-Echo After, Grandville, MI
-Soul Soap, Greenville, MI
-Ginger Fig, Grand Rapids, MI
-Venkman, Grand Rapids, MI
-Virginia Breazeale, Grand Rapids, MI
-Ten Finger, Jenison, MI
-The Nastys, Grand Rapids, MI
-Like The Southern, Ann Arbor, MI 
-Dangerville, Grand Rapids, MI
-Shmuel Bowles, Grand Rapids, MI
-Afterthough, Grand Rapids, MI
-The Gospel Believers, Grand Rapids, MI
-Sidetrack, Grand Rapids, MI
-Cross Wise. Grand Rapids, MI
-The Woofers, Lowell, MI
-Sticker Blister, Grand Rapids, MI
-The Law, Grand Rapids, MI
-Lo & Behold, Grand Rapids, MI
-Testify, Muskegon, MI
-Golden Fleece, Grand Rapids, MI
-Seven For A Dollar, Holland, MI
-The Fred Knapp Trio, Grand Rapids, MI

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