Audio Bay
Lease the Audio Bay

To qualified audio engineers, certified Pro Tools users & GRCC engineering graduates,

The Audio Bay leases full use of the studio by the day. Engineers retain full rights to their recording and are welcome to transfer all file(s) to their own studios for overdubbing, mixing, and mastering.


Utilize the vintage pre amps & mics the Audio Bay offers
Record a full band simultaneously, isolating each instrument
Track everything using Apagee converters
Transfer all material to your drive at days end
Lease for a full day - no hourly time restraints
Record as much material as desired - no drive restraints
All instruments, amps, equipment included


12 Hour Day: $350.00
Contact Andy to inquire about scheduling (616.874.1866)

Many qualified audio engineers have capable project studios but lack the infastructure to facilitate live recording for bands and ensembles. The leasing program at the Audio Bay enables engineers to do all their initial tracking with a full band while using sophisticated headphone mixes, professional microphones, converters and vintage pre-amps. Upon completion all the audio files are transfered back to the project studio for overdubbing and mixing.